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Tips and Discounts


ClutterSort San Diego Professional Organizers offer you discounts all year long on all your supplies! Here’s some of the stores we have a Designer discount with!

Pottery Barn 10 percent designer discount. Even on Furniture.
West Elm 10 percent designer discount. Even on Furniture
Crate & Barrel 10 percent designer discount.
The Container Store 10 percent discount on all items and 30 percent on Elfa all year long.

Here’s a few of ClutterSort’s favorite TIPS AND INFO to get your organizing Goals Accomplished.

Lets Start with the Physics of Clutter.

Clutter abides by the same physical laws as everything else in the universe. The Second law of thermodynamics deals with the entropy and states ( in part ) that-
All things (including your desk ) tend towards a state of randomness
You can cot go from a disordered system to an ordered system with out inputting energy.

Unless systems are automated, they will require input from us.

The tough news about getting organized is that for your environment to change, there has to be some behavioral changes. In other words, some filing is required, energy. and maintenance . ClutterSort does offer maintenance packages and everyone gets a free follow to make sure the systems are working for you and your LIFESTYLE.

The GOOD news is that the time and effort made to get and stay organizer is far more productive than the time and effort used trying to find an important document buried under a heap of other papers.


If you aren’t sure what to throw away or SHRED ask yourself the following questions

Is the information current and relevant and will it be by the time I need it?
Is this document irreplaceable?
Can I foresee a specific circumstance where I would need this information? If NOT, TOSS.
Would this information be hard to find again? If not TOSS. Many records including bank statements, are now available online.
Am I really going to get around to this? BE honest. If not TOSS.
Is this a T E or legal document? If YES, see ClutterSort’s next Tip!


According to Frederic H. Lerner a professor of financial management at New York University, if you and a partner file either a joint tax return or individual tax returns, then each of you should retain the folioing documents. Use this as a general reference, but consult with your lawyer for any thing unique that may be required for your personal and business needs.


  • Save until updated
  • Charts of accounts
  • Save for two years
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Save for 7 years
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Audit Reports
  • Bank Statements
  • Cancelled Checks
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Electronic payment records
  • Expense records
  • Financial Statements ( Y & E )
  • General ledger
  • Loan Payment Schedules
  • Purchase orders ( 1 copy )
  • Sales records
  • Tax Returns

Save Until fully depreciated or sold
Depreciation schedules
Fixed Asset Purchases

SAVE Permanently
Cancelled checks for Real-Estate Purchases
Inventory records ( if using LIFO systems )
Tax Returns if Criminal fraud is involved


Save for 7 Years
Bank Deposit Slips
Bank Statements ( Y&E )
Canceled checks supporting tax deductions
Charitable Contribution Documentation
Credit card statements
IRA nondeductible contributions
Receipts, diaries, logs pertaining to TAX RETURN
Tax returns ( if complicated )

Save Warranty Period of the item
Home Repair Receipts

Save for term of loan/policy or until maturity plus 3 years
Insurance Policy
IRA Annual Report
Mutual fund annual statements

Save for Ownership Period plus 7 years
Dividend reinvestment records
Home Improvement receipts and cancelled checks
Investment purchase and sales slips

Save Permanently
Divorce Documents and decree
Estate Planning documents ( most recent version )
Retirement plan annual reports
Tax Returns


ClutterSort Recommends you get 4 boxes or bins or just make a space for these 4 areas.

Obviously if you do not plan to sell anything then you will not need that box. Feel Free to add a box for any other relevant category ( such as stuff you’ll give to your sister, family member, or someone else, rather then the DONATE. )Then use the bed as a sorting area for items you plan to keep, making separate pile’s for shirts, pants, suits, skirts, dresses, active wear, winter, dress clothing, business, etc.

How to decide what to KEEP in you closet and Active Clothing.

Don’t fall pray to Garment Guilt !

See if you recognize any of the following poor reasons to keep something

” I may want to wear it again someday.” If you have not worn something in a year ( unless its black tie and special occasion ) then it is dead weight and taking up that prime real estate in your closet.
” I’m going to diet back into it or loose weight.” If you haven’t been the size in question more then 1-2 years, let it go. When you loose the weight, go out and treat yourself to something new.
“It might come back into style.” Fashion cycles are long, and it can take over a decade for something to come back into style. And when it does, it will be updated with a slightly different look.
” It was very expensive!” Its painful to let go of something you paid allot for and never really wore. If it is a designer piece, consign it, or we can sell it for you free of charge, or donate it for a tax donation, ClutterSort gives you a detailed spreadsheet of everything donated so you can claim more then the 500 dollars per year!
Any ” If ” statement such as, “Id wear that if I ever go on a cruise to Alaska.” Unless you already have your tickets in hand, get rid of it. By the time you take that trip, if ever, It would be better to go out and buy the right thing for the occasion. Or store it in a not so active area of your home and put it on your bulk inventory list.
” I want to save it for my daughter.” Ladies unless it is couture, she probably will not like it or really wear it.
” I feel guilty. ” If your poor aunt Sally took three years to knit a sweater with her arthritic hands, but isn’t quite your style, then give Aunt Sally a huge while your wearing it once, and then make sure it goes to some less fortunate person this winter or put it in your Memories box in a location not as ” Active” and the ” Prime Real Estate Closet Area.

Four Great reasons to KEEP YOUR GARMET
IT PROJECTS THE RIGHT IMAGE ( whatever right is to you and who you are.)
Most Importantly love everything you own. If you love everything in your closet, getting dressed is stress- free and FUN.


Professional Organizer Hoarding Help

What is Hoarding? Have you known someone whom you might have categorized as a hoarder? Well, before you can identify a hoarder, you first have to truly understand what makes a hoarder. Hoarding is classified as a psychological disorder distinguished by a person who has trouble throwing items away without feeling a strong emotional